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Other work lines that place Finlay Institute at the forefront of the of the biotechnological and medical pharmaceutical industry are the production of classic vaccines included in the Extended Immunization Program (EIP), and the development of combined vaccines.

You will have the opportunity to come closer to our institution through a virtual trip you may undertake in this web, but nothing will substitute for the unforgettable experience of having direct contact with the people who make up the Institute, or the satisfaction of being pleased with the products and services that, from this moment on, are placed at your disposal.



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Finlay Institute is a scientific organization dedicated to vaccine research and production. It is at the service of health; heir and continuer of a scientific tradition lasting over 100 years. It is internationally considered one of the most prestigious and recognized in the field.

Makers and producers of the first and only effective vaccine against Group B meningococcus (VA-MENGOC-BC®), this was only the beginning of a great aim in our strategy to find new pharmaceuticals against diseases for which prophylactic-healing measures are still missing.

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